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Dirchie Kart Enemy 0

12:45 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart

I Chipped away at this little fella over the weekend, he’s pretty dumb, just runs at you and bumps you around. It’s amazing how the rough texturing come up with the animation and cel shaders.


  1. That looks awesome dude!

    Makes me wanna get Silo3D (or Max) on my system and have a crack. The cell shading looks awesome!

    You should do a video and put it on youtube and embed it on your site.

    Comment by Euan — August 26, 2008 @ 10:26 am

  2. […] to you the Mad Frenchman, the observant ones amongst you may notice a striking similarity to the Mad Moorys from the first Dirchie Kart […]

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