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Character Redesigns–BrownBot

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BrownBot gave me the opportunity to take the new style to the nth degree, stripping back all detail to just a silhouette. I’ve also fitted all the character redesigns with this textured poster frame, they’re starting to come together.

Character Redesigns–Peaches

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Peaches still needs some simplifying but she’s off to a good start.

Dirchie Kart Now Hosted On

8:49 pm Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XBLIG, XNA


I’ve finally managed to get find the Dirchie Kart binaries a new home. My old file host suspended me for too many downloads after I got some exposure on, apparently 20gig in a week is too much!

Anyhow now the binaries and some additional information will be posted over at

I’m just ramping back up the development after moving back to Australia, so send in all the feedback you can?

Character Redesigns–Da Chimp

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I’m really happy with how the Chimp turned out.

Character Redesigns–Helmut

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I’ve been chipping away at a few character redesigns over the past few months, the old designs were a bit all over the place having been plucked from various sources over the years.

With these new designs I’m going for a early 60s cartoon style, which I’m also applying to the rest of the game to bring everything together. It’s been quite a challenge seeing I’ve only ever really drawn in a 80-90 super hero comic style, I have to keep telling myself to simplify things.


60s Helmut, I’ve taken him back to Darth Vader’s original source material the Nazi officers.

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