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Dirchie Kart Up On XBox Live

4:40 pm Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XNA

xboxboxart Some time in the wee hours of this morning Dirchie Kart received the last few community votes it needed to pass peer review and went live on the XBox Live Indie Game Marketplace.

This milestone is not signifies the completion the project and a lot of hard work, but also ticks off another personal goal.

Back when I finished Rhys Quest/Dispell I set myself the goal of getting a game published up on the XBox, at the time XNA was only a rumour so I had no idea how I might achieve that goal. Fortunately for me the tools available to me and our direction at work coincided with Microsoft’s direction with XNA and it all came together.

The big question now is where to go from here?

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