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Tempting Fate

8:17 pm Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XNA

Dirchie Kart back onLast Friday the poXBox  returned home, so first thing I did was fire up Dirchie Kart which was what it was running when it died.

It ran with no hastles and the proceeding multi-player session Kiwi and I had a bit later on that arvo confirmed that the new optimizations I’ve implemented are working like a charm.

Not only did it return in a very timely manner it also came back quieter. It’s not exactly quiet, quiet but it makes a lot less noise than it use to, it’s just quieter than the PC now.

Luckily they also replaced the drive which had started making all sorts of groans and moans.

All in all it was a pain in the arse but not as painfully as it could have been!

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