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Dirchie Kart – Mushroom Cup 1

12:33 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XNA


Recently I’ve been searching for inspiration to take Dirchie kart to the next level, after helping Fordy with his crazy ROM hacking exercise to extract the graphics from the SNES version of Final Fantasy 6, I thought,"I wonder if someone has done the same for the original Mario Kart?".

Lo and behold someone has and put them up on the web in convenient 1024 x 1024 png images, perfect to slot into Dirchie Kart.

I’m not planning on using them in the final product just to tune the game mechanics, if I can make it fun with these tracks then I’ll have a good idea how to make fun tracks of my own.

There’s even the battle mode tracks as well, I’ve got plenty to  play with stay tuned…

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