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Introducing Mad Moorey

3:55 pm Filed under: Dirchie Kart

I’ve settled on a name for the new bad guy, Mad Moorey!

Dirchie Kart Enemy 0

12:45 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart

I Chipped away at this little fella over the weekend, he’s pretty dumb, just runs at you and bumps you around. It’s amazing how the rough texturing come up with the animation and cel shaders.

Dirchie Kart Claims Life

1:39 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart

It would seem that the Xbox 360 is not machine enough to handle the technical excellence that is Dirchie Kart!

Yes I got the dreaded red ring of death half way through testing the new optimised collision code in Dirchie Kart, the poxbox is caput.

Wish me luck trying to get it fixed over here, would probably have more luck myself with a soldering iron and six pack of beers… :(

Full Screen WPF App

6:43 pm Filed under: Uncategorized

Another quirk in WPF, apparently

<Window Title="MainWindow" WindowState="Maximized" WindowStyle="None">

Is not the same as

<Window Title=”MainWindow” WindowState=”Maximized” WindowStyle=”None” ResizeMode=”NoResize” >

With the former code, I got a full screen app that has a corrupt 1 – 2 pixel border down the far right hand side, this was throwing a spanning in the works for my “fly in” controls on the side.

Adding the “NoResize” fixed it right up.

WCF Work Environment

10:53 pm Filed under: C#

Pick up another monitor the other day to help me with this WCF client server development work I’m doing, one extra screen turned the job from a pain in the arse into a pleasure.

The picture below shows the server and console test app running from the PC underneath on the left hand screen and two instances of the client running from the laptop on the right hand screen.

The server has a timer in it which simulates production (the real reporting of production is the next job), the clients take these status updates and tick off the batches, the UI automatically updates via the data binding.

WCF Development Environment

Next week I’ll be going back to the start of the app and checking what I’ve broken with the more recent changes and re-factoring some of the more curly bits of the UI code.

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