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Dirchie Kart – World Tour Logo

5:15 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XBLIG

Here is tonight’s effort, a logo for the new World Tour version of Dirchie Kart. It was quite a challenge to come up with something to tie in the original logo with the newer 60’s style.

New Dirchie Kart World Tour Screen Shots

4:59 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XBLIG, XNA

I implemented a quick and dirty free look camera in Dirchie Kart tonight to allow me to capture much better screen shots, the following are the first batch showing off the new tracks.

I’m sure you’ll agree the results speak for themselves, much, much better, you get a weird matrix style effect as you move around the game as it’s paused.

Dirchie Kart World Tour Egypt Track Dirchie Kart World Tour Italy GP Track Dirchie Kart World Tour Monanco GP Track

Plenty more tracks to come.

Dirchie Sphinx

4:13 am Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XBLIG, XNA

Here’s what I’ve been working on most of the day, the centre piece of the new Egypt track for Dirchie Kart 2 the Dirchie Sphinx.  Though the texturing isn’t anything to wright home about I’m really happy with the modeling itself.


The track itself needs a little more filling out, but I should knock that over tomorrow morning ready to grab some new screenies and knock up a new promo website. I’m pushing to get that all done ready for nomination in the Summer Uprising promotion coming later in the year on XBox live.

New Visual Style

9:46 pm Filed under: Dirchie Kart, XBLIG, XNA

I’ve always been searching for a distinctive visual style for the backgrounds in Dirchie Kart, some of the tracks look alright but don’t really separate my game from it’s source material.

Today I’ve slapped together a test background decoration around the new Monaco track of a textured cartoon idea I’ve been thinking about. So far I’m really happy with the look, it’s nice and quick to put together as well.


Let me know what you think?

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