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Dirchie Sense

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Dichie Sense, much like spider sense it warns you when you are being tracked by a heat seeking missile. Next up the flares defensive counter measure.

Good Head

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This ugly SOB is the result of a hours mucking about in Sculptras, a donate-ware clay modelling  program with a super slick UI.

The resulting models are ridiculously high poly, so completely useless for any sort of realtime application but they’re a lot of fun to muck about with.

Go give it a go!

The As Yet Unnamed Dirchie

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Here’s a new splash screen for one of the characters out of Dirchie Kart, you may notice some resemblance to the Chimp when he donned a mask on that 4×4 weekend.

I need a name? Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions!

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