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No Promises

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On the weekend I moved the iMac to the kitchen in an attempt to get some more use out of the big girl, part of which is hopefully resurrecting my much neglected blogs.

This is a test post from the new VM I setup just to run live writer on for blogging… lets see how it goes.



Character Redesigns Complete

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The new racer dirchie still needs some tweaking (If you’ve got any suggestions drop them in the comments), all the other characters just flowed easily once I got the concept down but he’s proving to be a challenge to get right. Otherwise this is the redesigned cast of what I’m officially calling Dirchie Kart 2.

This year’s dream build play was announced last week, the timing is a little tight but I think it’ll be a fitting finish to the project. At the very least it gives me a deadline to be finished by, at best it’ll give me a shot at taking it to the next level… Xbox Live Arcade… go big or go home I say!

New Production Planning UI

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Production Planning

This week I thought I was going to be implementing this new order entry system I’ve been writing, but as I started entering test data I realised it wouldn’t work unless I implemented the second part of the project, a production planning/scheduling app.

I’m pretty chuffed with how it’s coming together, what you see in the screen shot is the result of 2 pretty solid days work. There’s a bit of nice drag’n drop trickery going on there it’s mostly MVVM styled with a few exceptions where it makes it easy, but for the most part the code is pretty neat.

I’m off for a long weekend now, next week I’ve got to add truck load grouping to it… which will be interesting!

Notification System

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I had a brain fart about 3 weeks ago of flexible system for sending different levels of notification from both the a database query or directly from code. Today I embedded the web view of the lowest level of notification directly into my administrative app at work complete with an iOSesk counter (the red dot at the top).


The little blue dots clear out the individual line items with a nice AJAX slideup, which also works on the iPad formatted 2 column view and the iPhone/Andriod compatible single column view.

Those “link” hyperlinks on that view also take you directly to the management interface for that specific object be it a delivery or a sales order, obviously those don’t work in the mobile devices so I hide them away with some CSS.

The underlying rendering and  transmission service can generate SMS messages and Emails from the same source data also.

I’m pretty chuffed with how it all came together, I think we’ll get a lot of use out of this one!

Character Redesigns–Da Chimp

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I’m really happy with how the Chimp turned out.

Character Redesigns–Helmut

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I’ve been chipping away at a few character redesigns over the past few months, the old designs were a bit all over the place having been plucked from various sources over the years.

With these new designs I’m going for a early 60s cartoon style, which I’m also applying to the rest of the game to bring everything together. It’s been quite a challenge seeing I’ve only ever really drawn in a 80-90 super hero comic style, I have to keep telling myself to simplify things.


60s Helmut, I’ve taken him back to Darth Vader’s original source material the Nazi officers.

Dirchie Sense

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Dichie Sense, much like spider sense it warns you when you are being tracked by a heat seeking missile. Next up the flares defensive counter measure.

Good Head

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This ugly SOB is the result of a hours mucking about in Sculptras, a donate-ware clay modelling  program with a super slick UI.

The resulting models are ridiculously high poly, so completely useless for any sort of realtime application but they’re a lot of fun to muck about with.

Go give it a go!

More Fear

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Open Your Mind

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A quick one to get the blog going again… got a lot to catch up on, it’s been a busy few months.  Had Max in the Bumbo hooked up to the iTunes visualiser he really seemed to like it… well I assume that from the stream of bubble foaming out of his mouth.

IMG_4252 IMG_4253

They either indicate he was excited or that his brain was boiling due to the visual intensity!

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