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We Got The Funk

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Mucking about with ideas for track decorations for a new track called “Dangerous Curves” (which is actually just a traced outline of BrownBot’s head) the past few days, I thought I’d try creating inline with the “Tan and Tope” theme of the website… and came up with this funky wallpaper.

It works surprisingly well in game, still need some work before it’s worthy of a screen shot… stay tuned

Joust Poster

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Saw this poster on the awesome 4CR blog this morning, some awesome graphic design. I’ve been looking at a bit more graphic design lately, gathering ideas for Dirchie Kart tracks and decorations.

This one reminded me of my Clam Jousting game concept from a few years ago, seriously thinking of picking this up for my next project. A nice concise little project after the long drawn-out development of Dichie Kart.

More Fear

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Coulrophobia (Fear of Clowns)

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I’ve been chipping at a new track concept between naps, here are a couple of clowns I’ve knocked up for the horizon decoration.


The track itself is playing well, you have to dodge missiles fired from those amusement clown ball game heads.

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