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Night out at Jodie and Neils 21st Feb 2009

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We were invited out for dinner at Jodie and Neils, so we arrived about 6 pm, and there seemed to but alot of children between us all now. Lovely to see them all getting along so well and having a ball.

DSCF7013 DSCF7033 DSCF7034 DSCF7060

DSCF7056 DSCF7043 DSCF7044

DSCF7065 DSCF7066

and there was dancing………..

DSCF7079 DSCF7084

DSCF7090 DSCF7092 DSCF7096

DSCF7091 DSCF7100 DSCF7101

and danced and sung some more……….

DSCF7106 DSCF7109 DSCF7113 DSCF7114

Until 2:30 am, the kids were still up dancing their little hearts out having a ball. Lots of fun and lots of laughs…..

Girls Dressing up 21st February 2009

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It was funny I went down to the girls room to send Ella, Sharni and Aislin on an errand, and this is what I found when I went in.

DSCF6992 DSCF6991 DSCF6988

DSCF6990 DSCF6995

I still asked if they would do the errand, and they decided they would just how they were. So they took off down the street ,dressed like this giggling away.

DSCF6997 DSCF6998

Dinner with the family 17th Feb 2009

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This was a bit of a spare of the moment type of dinner. We thought we would get together as Pete was heading back to Sth Africa after the weekend. And as it turned out Dewi (Gwynfors nephew) and Rhys his mate , happen to arrive that day as well, which was lovely.I think they must think that we are very rowdy when we all get together. A girlfriend that lives diagonally at the back of us, said she could hear us cackling away. Really nice to be all together.

 DSCF6970 DSCF6971 DSCF6972

Mum thought seeing Pete wouldn’t be here for his ,we would have an early cake for him.

DSCF6973 DSCF6977 DSCF6978

I caught these before Pete left to go back.

DSCF6981 DSCF6983


Aislins first day of school Thursday 5th February 2009

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Aislins first day of school was long awaited. The others had gone back to school from summer holidays a week earlier. She is soooo ready, to dive in and absorb all that comes her way. She was up bright and early all dressed in her uniform, OMG she looks so big!, my baby is off to school and she is not the least bit worried about it. Despite the the weather,hot at 45 degrees she had a wonderful first day, her teacher said she was a delight. A Mum the next day was saying that her daughter had come home from school nearly wetting her pants re telling a story about Aislin. They had to draw a picture of their family and Ais decided she would draw Rhys with a pink tu tu with horns on his head. She was telling the girls at the table, the reaction she would get from him when she got home, that he would chase her down the hallway yelling abuse at her. It was so funny, I wish I was a fly on the wall watching Aislin telling the girls exactly what would happen and them laughing their heads off, thinking it was so hilarious.

DSCF6909 DSCF6911 DSCF6918

DSCF6920 DSCF6926 DSCF6927


Then they rushed in from school and had a swim, and again when their uncle who is home from Sth Africa was around.

DSCF6931 DSCF6932 DSCF6933

A Night out in the boat Monday 26th January 09

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This is another of Dads inventions, a jet powered boat, it looks kind of odd but fits lots of people and goes really well. Mum had prepared a four course meal and we did  a bit of fishing in between  courses, but unfortunately didn’t get any bites. It’s a very relaxing way to spend time on the river just cruising, taking time to enjoy the birds, the sunset and the serenity

DSCF6846 DSCF6876 DSCF6872 DSCF6845

DSCF6860 DSCF6855 DSCF6852 DSCF6884

DSCF6891 DSCF6896 

and then the sun goes down…………..and out comes the chandelier made from three red funnels but works an absolute treat. we got back in at about 11pm, Aislin had already fallen asleep.

aahhhhhhh! the serenity…………………………..

Australia Day Parade 26th January 2009

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Corowa celebrates Australia Day with a parade down the main street, it’s certainly not as big as it used to be, the good ole insurance costs ,stop people from entering. But the kids always like it, and we had the flag waving,and clapped the floats by.

DSCF6819 DSCF6836 DSCF6840 DSCF6837

DSCF6842 DSCF6834 DSCF6825  DSCF6826

How’s the white car? Ella said to me "Mum you NEED one of those cars!" and I said "I so know!"

DSCF6823 DSCF6821

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi,Oi Oi!

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