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Rhys turns 11 11th December 08

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I can’t believe my eldest is 11! Doesn’t seem that long ago when he was turning 1. How time flies…..

He got a Rip stick, it’s like a skateboard, but it only has one wheel each end and it wiggles rather than lifts to move along. Rhys got straight on it and it riding it well , I think you need really good balance.

He decided to celebrate his Birthday ,with some friends and go to the local pool. It was a lovely afternoon. The boys had walked home with Rhys from school, they were all a bit hot, so they had a nice cool drink and a quick scoff ,before I walked them to the pool. Once there, they didn’t have time to eat and drink ,they were too busy getting in and out and jumping,diving and back flipping on and off the diving boards. It’s nice now that you don’t have to be in with them, just there to keep an eye on them. I managed to drag them out and do the birthday cake, then they were straight back in. I think they all had a great afternoon.


DSCF6304 DSCF6305

DSCF6309 DSCF6312 DSCF6316

DSCF6319 DSCF6334

DSCF6341 DSCF6317

Aislin Relaxing on her day off 5th December 08

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How funny is this? Aislin didn’t have pre school this day. I was at work ,but this is how Gwynfor found her , when he went out in the backyard……..hehe! I definately think she has watched


‘in High School Musical, toooo many times. She just wants FABULOUS!……



DSCF6292 DSCF6296 DSCF6299 DSCF6293

Looks kind of relaxing though………

Dressing the Tree 1st December 08

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The first of December arrived ,and we thought we had better get into the Christmas spirit and put the tree up. The kids always get excited about it, and are getting better at not clumping all the baubles in one area. Aislin had the privilege of crowning the tree with a star and a homemade angel. They were closely supervised by Oscar our puppy.

DSCF6265 DSCF6267 DSCF6271 DSCF6274 DSCF6282

DSCF6284 DSCF6279 DSCF6288


Deck the halls  with boughs of holly tra la la la, la la,la la la………..

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