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Farewell drinks 25th October 2008

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A few of us met at the Oakley Arms for a meal ,then Anth was kind enough to ferry us up to the Bryn later on(some of us girls went up first and talk about the noisiest car trip I have ever had, so funny). Once we got to the Bryn ,Iren told me that they had put on a disco for the night so that just topped of a great night with great friends. Thank you, to all of you for making us feel so very welcome, in our year in Wales, it has been so amazing and we have absolutely no regrets for deciding to take a year out to come over. The children have really enjoyed it as well, and have managed to gain a really good grasp on the Welsh language. We will be very sad to have to say goodbye to you all, but hope to see some of you visit us in Oz, and we will keep in touch. Here’s some pictures of our night,  to have a giggle at and as a reminder of our fun times together.

DSCF5545 DSCF5551 DSCF5558 DSCF5560

DSCF5561 DSCF5564 DSCF5576 DSCF5579

DSCF5582 DSCF5589 DSCF5591 DSCF5598

DSCF5600 DSCF5601  DSCF5604 DSCF5615

DSCF5623 DSCF5628 DSCF5641 DSCF5650

 DSCF5660 DSCF5663DSCF5651 DSCF5679 DSCF5681

Busy Friday night 24th October 2008

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What a busy night  it was for us, the kids have now finished school. They actually have school holidays for one week for half term but we are leaving on Wednesday anyway.The school put on a Halloween dance on at the village hall. The younger two went to that, and had a great time. It was good because they could say goodbye to their friends and have a bit of fun as well.

DSCF5511 DSCF5512 DSCF5515

Rhys stayed at a mates house. Ella was very lucky, one of her friends Mum took the girls to the opening night of High School Musical 3, the girls were very excited and are in love with Zach Efron. So I said I would paint their nails and do their hair and they made pizzas for dinner. So we had the music blearing and the curling tongs were going at full force.



Hannah, Ella and Jess

DSCF5520DSCF5530 DSCF5524 

Then after getting everyone off to where they all had to go ,I had to get ready to go out with the girls from work as a farewell dinner and drinks. Well we actually  had tapas and drinks which was very nice then we went onto a pub. It was nice to catch up with the girls from work socially, farewell Pascalls………We were all a little seedy at work on Saturday morning.

DSCF5532 DSCF5535 DSCF5536 DSCF5538 DSCF5541

Leah, Pam, Jill, Llinos, Janet                                           Janet and Jill                            Leah , Pam, Llinos                         Janet, Jill, Leah, Pam, Llinos                                    Jill and Nia


Charity Night for Sth Snowodnia Search and Rescue 11th October 2008

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There has been a small group of us from the village that have organised a charity night, to raise funds for the Sth Snowdonia Search and Rescue. They do not receive any funds from the government, and only receive funds from fundraising, so we thought this was a worth while cause that benefits the local area.We had activities stretching out over a week, a quiz night held on the Monday night, killer darts and pool night on the Thursday night and the big one on the Saturday night the fancy dress. We just said come as a character, so that was quite broad.We had a disco as well and a catwalk to strut their stuff. Everyone made such an effort with their costumes, it was an excellent night. We ended up raising 1000 pounds which was great for a little community.


The Flinestones- Jill ,Gwynfor, Garath, Sandy

DSCF5387                                                  DSCF5391

The Flinestone Chariot- hand crafted out of stone by Fred.         The Spice Girls-Posh:Tom, Sporty:Bryn, Baby:Tom H, Ginger:Math, Scarey:Dick

We did arrive at the pub in our Flinestone mobile, in style. It was parked near the smoking area and everyone sat in it like a throne.LOL


DSCF5392       DSCF5394      DSCF5393       DSCF5396

Fluer, Caj, Sesga, Esther, Veronica(front)         Eleri -Edward scissor hands       Dai Mac- girl off Little Britain             Tesni-Lisa, Sue-Mortitia, Iren-Marge Simpson

DSCF5412     DSCF5417       DSCF5419      DSCF5432

Jo-Robin Hood, Alvin-Mario                 Sion-Buzz lightyear, Clare-Welsh Rugby player      Carina-little red riding hood      Catrin-Dame Edna              

 DSCF5434    DSCF5439 DSCF5440 DSCF5455 DSCF5457 

     DSCF5420 DSCF5423 DSCF5428 DSCF5436 DSCF5441

DSCF5465 DSCF5408 DSCF5470

DSCF5483 DSCF5489 DSCF5492 DSCF5495


Sorry I couldn’t be bothered naming everyone, but I just thought I would show you how much effort everyone put into their outfits. Lots of fun, dancing, drinking and laughing was had by all.

We only have 2 weeks until we go. Everyone says that we will be missed, I feel like one of the locals and we have only been here 12 months. We will all miss you you guys as well…..

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