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Jane and Andrews in Pwllheli 27th September 08

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Pwllheli is about a half an hour drive from where we live, along the coast. Jane and Andrews house is only 100 m from the beach . It is a pebbly beach but changes each time I see it ,sometime its heaps of little pebbles ,sometimes only a few and the sand is showing , sometime bigger stone ,and Jane was saying at certain times of the year it is lined with massive shells , so you never quite know what this beach will look like. The other interesting thing is all the different types of stone and all the different colours. We think that all the different types must come from all different areas in the world. We had the kids searching for the most pink, or blue or yellow pebble, it had them very busy. further up there were loads of little shells which Aislin insists on bringing home , her pockets were also laden with pebbles.

DSCF5360 DSCF5367 DSCF5371


Andrew had a new toy, a fishing rod which he was trying out and Gwynfor had a kite he was trying to fly, which was quite entertaining….

DSCF5334 DSCF5317 DSCF5329 DSCF5319


DSCF5344  DSCF5348 DSCF5356 DSCF5365


Notice the Cartlon Colds, which has been an exciting little find recently. We went to Pwllheli on Saturday afternoon ,went to the beach , went back to the house and had a lovely dinner and the adults enjoyed having a few bottles of wine and had a good catch up, the kids all play really well together, the six of them all slept in the same room wit out too much chatting. We went down the beach again to shake off any signs of a hangover on Sunday morning.Pwllheli is a lovely town and always lovely to catch up with

Out for dinner in Llanwrst , 20th September 08.

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What night it was… about laugh, until our sides split. 10 of us took a mini bus to Llanwrst which is about 3/4 of an hour away, and we had a really good mix of people. The restaurant was called Asha Balti a Bangladeshi restaurant, it has many awards etc.I think because our table was quite big, we had to wait quite a while for our food and we drank more wine and probably got louder, we had all the restaurant in stitches ,laughing at us, or with us I’m not quite sure???? , .Then we hit some pubs around town and went in one and took it over dancing etc. The staff wanted to know when we were coming back again…….LOL

We started off very civilised and then….

DSCF5247 DSCF5250 DSCF5252

DSCF5255  DSCF5262 DSCF5264 DSCF5273

DSCF5259 DSCF5274 DSCF5281 DSCF5287

DSCF5290 DSCF5297

Oh! what a night…. then our local pub was still open when we got back and didn’t leave there until 3am the back to ours until 4;30am.

Making a conscious decision, that we must start getting to bed earlier….

Garath and Sandy’s in Anglesea 13th September 08

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After Gwynfor and finished work on the Saturday we headed off to Anglesea. Garath and Sandy have moved into their lovely new home and we went to stay with them and little Bryn . Sandy was very organised and had a lovely dinner ready for us and we had a walk around their 3/4 of an acre that was already landscaped really nicely with hedges, 4 ponds, apple trees , big garden beds and great lawned areas and of course had a few beverages. The girls were very busy mothering little Bryn ,which he didn’t seem to mind at all.

DSCF5211 DSCF5214 DSCF5220 DSCF5233

DSCF5230 DSCF5231 DSCF5216

DSCF5235 DSCF5232

The next day we headed off to Newborough Beach ,which is only about 10 minute drive from their house. We were lucky we had  really great weather for the weekend. Bryn hadn’t had his toes in sand and the beach before so he was enjoying splashing. Our kids had the metal detector out ,but didn’t find much, they did find pools of fish and crab as the tide had just gone out and a shark that had been washed up.

DSCF5245 DSCF5240DSCF5244

Another lovely weekend away.

The apple pie bake off 31st August 08

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There is always at least 4 boys that always hang out here, and they arrived home with a bag of apples that someone in the village had picked from their tree and given them. So in true competitive style they decided that would make apple pies,Jack and Kieron stayed here and Rhys and Osian went to his house to have a bake off. Gwynfor was home and he taught the boys how to do the pastry without a bowl and guided them to make the pies, they were proud of the results and eating them of course…. Rhys and Osian brought down what remained of theirs, and they had been left to do it themselves.They had put  the apples, custard and syrup inside the pie as the filling and they had also managed to make pastry, do you know it didn’t taste too bad actually. I think Jack and Kierons was more traditional though.

DSCF5133DSCF5134 DSCF5139 DSCF5141


Gwil and Annes 25th Wedding Anniversary 30th August 08

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DSCF5147 DSCF5144 DSCF5145

25 years of marriage was celebrated by about 110 of their friends and family at the same venue as they were married.

DSCF5148 DSCF5156DSCF5177 DSCF5172

To finish off a good night in true Welsh tradition all they guys stand around and sing, it’s amazing to watch and you get goose bumps listening to them all. They sing traditional Welsh songs (they are all in Welsh, so I don’t actually know what they mean but you can see the what they mean to them).I hope Gwynfor will teach them to our kids one day.


DSCF5161 DSCF5180 DSCF5183 DSCF5182


the  boys that were all partied out ,in the bus on the way home.

Wrong date for boys day in Cardiff ,it was 6th September 08

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Boys Day in Cardiff at Millennium Stadium. 30th September

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DSCF5191 DSCF5192 DSCF5196


DSCF5200  DSCF5206 DSCF5205

Rhys and Jack hadn’t been to Cardiff ,to the Millennium Stadium, and they are into football ( soccer) . Anthony a friend ,and his son and nephew were going down. So Gwynfor and our boys went as well. As you can see they were all in the Welsh spirit. They had a great day,although the stadium wasn’t very full to really enjoy that atmosphere ,like we did at the rugby .Travelling down the battery went on our car so they had to be jump started a couple of times but it just makes it more memorable, doesn’t it!!!

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