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Iona’s Hens night , then at Bryn 17th May 08

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Iona (Yona) is being married in a couple of weeks, and of course every bride needs a hens night. Everyone met in Bleanau at the rugby club and the bus of 33 giggling women headed off to Llanwrst to hit the town. Unfortunately I had to work on Sunday so I drove over. I also forgot that we had organised with a group of friends ,to go out for dinner and to the pub, so Gwynfor did that and I started of with the hens. We had a booking at this amazing Indian restaurant  where we had a banquet . The food was amazing, and waiters were very cute, definatley be heading back there.

DSCF3437DSCF3435 DSCF3439

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As you can see we had a rather large pecker escorting us, where ever we went , we did get some funny looks but it was a laugh and a half , I didn’t need to drink I was in fits laughing. I quietly crept away from the hens at about 11pm, drove back to Gellilydan, parked car at our house and walked to the pub (conveniently close) to meet up with the other guys. They were all in party mode, so I had to have a few quick ones to catch up a bit. They had a band on at the pub that were good. Pub closed at about 1am and then a few come back to ours until 3:30am. Silly me I was the only one that had to work Sunday, oh well the things we do!

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We are heading off on holiday on Thurs .We are going to London ,to show the kids around staying at Gwynfors cousins , then going to France on the ferry and driving along the North coast of France for about 10 days. We are camping this time, keeping fingers crossed that weather stays great. So next blog will be showing you what we got up to and what we saw.

Hafan, Gellilydan May 08

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Finally got around to showing you all ,our new ,furnished rental. It is in the village where the kids go to school, so they are loving it. Normal again with loads of kids coming and going, the village is small enough for them to able to go around on their own, as they know nearly everyone.We have day light savings now and the weather has been fantastic for the last 3 weeks.The house is very comfy, and has pretty much everything in it that we need. We had to have our own pillows ,doonas, towels, linen and a few other bits and pieces, but not much really.


DSCF3470 DSCF3472

DSCF3416 DSCF3477 DSCF3422

DSCF3418 DSCF3474

DSCF3424 DSCF3476 DSCF3423

This little conservatory is one of my favourite rooms, many a coffee and wine have been had in there. Jack is actually sleeping in the loft, which runs the full length of the house. We have sort of divided it into sections, a bedroom, play kitchen area is set up, pool table and at the far end gym equipment. It is out of site ,unless I go upstairs ,so yeah it usually looks like this ,a mess!


This is an update of the kids seeds, that they planted in the other houses greenhouse. They have actually advanced since this photo was taken and they are now in pots and in garden beds. We had so many we have given heaps away ,as there isn’t any garden beds here, so we have planted the others at Nainy’s, and keeping some in pots here. The kids have done well to keep watering them and caring for them.

Jacks 8th Birthday at Green Wood Park 26th April 08

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Jack turned eight on the weekend , and we had a fantastic day out at Green Wood Park, and as the name suggests it is set in a woods, with heaps of hands on activities. We basically got there when it opened in the morning and were there all day.


DSCF3320 DSCF3305

DSCF3334 DSCF3340 DSCF3342


DSCF3345 DSCF3351DSCF3354 DSCF3353

This was the most amazing tree house come play gym I have ever seen. The kids played tig chasey for ages, they had nets to climb and cross ,slides for quick escapes it was awesome. We were exhausted just watching them.


This green  rollercoatser is run by kinetic energy which is produced from the weight of the people. The first "Green" rollercoaster built, so they say. It had me screaming anyway!

DSCF3376 DSCF3389

DSCF3384  DSCF3385 DSCF3398 DSCF3393

This was so cool, there was a little wood that had pre cut branches that you could build your own shelter/den/cubby. They were light enough that Aislin could carry most of them. Ella started hers and Gwynfor and Ais helped get the branches then Rhys started one and Jack helped. As you can see they worked very hard and got great results and they worked really well together. They both did theirs differently, but is was a really great activity. Lots of fun, we spent all day there and here were still things that we didn’t get to do. We went back home and had the cake.

DSCF3411 DSCF3405


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