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Black Rock Beach 10th Feb

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Sunday afternoon and the sun was shinning, rare I know but it was just gorgeous, so we took a drive only 15 mins away ,to Black Rock Beach. It is quite different as you can drive on the beach . It is amazing how the sun can make people feel so happy and positive ,and just wanting to get some fresh air. The kids had had two days at Nainy’s and they had been able to be outside for two days helping uncle Gwil with the sheep,everything from rounding them up ,sorting them, to watching each ewe having an ultrasound to see how many lambs they are  carrying. They collected kindling to dry out for the fire. So they had been very busy at the farm while we were in Cardiff.

We had a lovely arvo at the beach enjoying the sun and sand, Rhys had his metal detector out but only found a rusty old nail, but we met this guy who had a big oooo lala metal detector and he was saying he goes around all the North Wales beaches and he has found heaps of interesting stuff, one was part of an ancient dagger which was all molded and decorative ,(Rhys’ ears pricked up then) a gold bullion, money, jewellery lots of stuff.


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Cardiff, Wales Vs Scotland 9th Feb

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  We set off for Cardiff at 6am on Saturday morning, in Dicks red Monaro ( I call it the hot rod). We ,being Gwynfor and I, and Dick and Iren. We got down to where we were staying at about 10am, we stayed at Howie s( some of you may remember he and Huw stayed in Corowa for 12 months with us) parents house. We got a taxi into Cardiff with Howie and some of his mates.

Cardiff was a sea of red jumpers . Red is the colour of the welsh rugby jumpers, they were playing DSCF2520Scotland at the Millennium  stadium,. All of the city of Cardiff was alive and buzzing at 10 am all the pubs had people spilling out of them preparing for the game. We did a bit of a walk around and a bit of a  pub crawl, met up with some people and headed off to the game ready for kick off at 2pm. Wow! the atmosphere was amazing 74 and a half thousand people sat in the Millennium stadium and with beating England last  week and playing on home ground everyone was set for a good game. When the Welsh sang their national anthem the whole Welsh crowd sang at the top off their lungs that was amazing. the first half  of the game was a bit slow but they must of got some sort of bollicking at half time because they came back on after ,and came up to win 30 Wales to Scotland 15.

DSCF2531DSCF2530 DSCF2535

Then the city really came alive after the win it was absolutely heaving ,the thing that did amaze me, was how friendly the crowd was to the Scots and the Scots to the Welsh. Most of the male Scots wore kilts, and as we found out most don’t wear anything under those kilts….we went to a few pubs then we met up with Howie and his mates that we knew at a new club call Revolution, it was really good!, we had the most awesome weekend, we laughed and talked with everyone the atmosphere in Cardiff was electric, we even had Scots  playing the bagpipes while waiting to get served at the bar ,and the fact that we had great weather just topped it off.


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Wales V’s England at the Bryn. 2nd Feb

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The Bryn is our local pub, it’s in Gellilydan . This is where we usually go to when we go out. It’s very friendly and we know most of the people that go. We went there on Saturday as Wales were playing England in the six nations.They were playing in Twickernam and Wales hasn’t beaten England on that ground for 22 years, so I quietly wasn’t holding much hope for them particularly  in the first half , it was still worth a watch for the crowd in the room seeing how passionate they are about their rugby, then when they came up and won the whole room was going off. Needless to say there were some celebrations to be had, and we did.


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We have moved into Llwyn Derw ,27th Jan

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Last weekend we moved from Gwynfors Mums into a furnished house we are renting , most houses have names and ours is called Llwyn Derw. It is just out of the village but in a nice spot backing onto the  lake. It is very comfortable and really nice to have our  own space. It is 3 bedroom, two lounge rooms , bathroom kitchen,laundry ,freezer room, so it has everything and with plenty of room.We have settled in well.

DSCF2490 DSCF2481

DSCF2470 DSCF2472 DSCF2474

DSCF2487DSCF2469 DSCF2484 

I love the shape of these trees, this is Iren on our first night celebrating with a bottle of Moet. In the garden there are several bird feeders,a glass house and the kids have found a cubby in one of the big trees.

The kids are doing really really well in the Welsh speaking unit. They seemed to have written the program really well, kids find it really interesting. It is good because they still have english readers every night, maths, drama everything. It is really full on but they are so enthusiastic about it. Aislin is at the school the kids started off in, and seems to be doing well, although she doesn’t say much about what they did through the day, but she is more than happy to go everyday. Your kids have probably all gone back to school after your lovely summer break. Hope they are settled back into the routine, and Mums can’t sleep in anymore!!!

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