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Toyota Picinic

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Yes! we finally have found ourselves a vehicle. A Toyota Picnic, not something that I had heard of before, but alot of things are labelled under different names here, like Holden cars are Vauxhal . It is a six seater although we are able to seat three on the back seat. It looks really small on the outside for an MPV but is quite spacious inside. It seems narrow across the front ,compared, I have been driving my sister in laws Land Rover. It’s like getting a car for the first time when your seventeen, freedom to go when and where you like without having to borrow other peoples, it’s great!!!! I thought I would send some pictures to show you our new car. We are taking ourselves for a drive today………………..

DSCF2458 DSCF2463

DSCF2460  DSCF2461


DSCF2464 DSCF2465

Hello from Gellilydan

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Hello to you all,thanks for the feedback about this blog.I’m glad you are all enjoying it so much.DSCF2417 

The kids were so excited to see some snow as you can see there isn’t much there ,but it did snow. They assure us that there will plenty more to come. The kids made this tiny little snowman, and enough for a snowball fight of course.It’s hard to imagine it being so hot over there and cold over here. I still think the weather hasn’t been as bad as I imagined. When it’s clear and we have time off we have been going for walks, lots of marked walks around here. The kids are really enjoying the walking.

DSCF2392DSCF2398 DSCF2401

This was last weekend we went on a walk to the lake.


We went for a little drive to Criccith,you can see the castle on the hill, this is a Welsh castle. They look quite different to the ones the English built .It was built in about 1240’s, most of the castles around here have been reconstructed, but this is pretty much in disrepair, but they always built them on the most amazing scenic points. We will show you some of the English ones later in the month.The kids didn’t think that this was much to look at compared to some of the others they have seen.

DSCF2380 DSCF2388DSCF2385 

Well the kids are back at school ,as of Tuesday,they caught up with their friends in the Gellilydan school then on Thursday they started in Pendryhn school where the Welsh speaking unit is. We had an orientation arvo on the Wednesday before,it is going to be really full on for them as it only goes for a term and because Easter is so early it is a short term. Our kids really have an advantage over some of the other kids there because they have all the family to practice with,most of the other children have moved in from England and theyr’e families don’t speak Welsh.They only take 16 students each term and then they are split into two groups so it’s 1:8 which is great. It’s great to see them back into work ,with readers every night ,the holiday is over but they are so into it, amazing what they have learnt in two days. YES I also am picking up some of what they are teaching me when they get home from school. Aislin is going OK by herself in the other school,poor little thing but she will be fine. The older 3 get picked up by a taxi at the door and dropped off there after school,all for free,not bad hey ,saves me heaps of running around especially when I am working.

DSCF2447 DSCF2449

This is the new project , the kids thought even before we left Australia that they wanted to keep some chooks, so the construction of the hen coupe started today at the back of the house. Most of brothers have dropped in today to check it out and they have been giving Gwynfor soooooooo much stick about it.The hen coupe has been the centre of  many a joke today.he he! They have said Darrel will piss himself laughing, anyway it is a work in progress, so I will keep you up to date with the project at hand.


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Hope you all had a fantastic New Years eve. We went out for  dinner and the restaurant had a band. Then before midnight we went to the local pub, we had people we were meeting up with there.We could also walk  home from there and wouldn’t have to wait ages for a taxi. It was great although I am glad it’s over and now I can detox for a bit, Last week we had 3 , 3;30 am nights too much now.(fun though).I though we hadn’t sent any of Gwynfor and I ,so this was us before we went out New Years.


Well new years day we were feeling quite energetic, we went for a walk around where we live.It was a 2 hour round trip.We started off in jackets but ended up in long sleeve t’s.So it was quite mild. On our way we saw a holly tree, it still has berries on it and this means the birds are leaving them longer because it’s going to be  a hard winter???It was beautiful to see a huge tree of holly. We headed for the waterfall it was quite mossy but a lovely setting.

Rhys got a metal detector for xmas and it goes everywhere with us, he has found lots of old interesting things, Jack is usually the digger.

DSCF2342 DSCF2357 DSCF2365 DSCF2358

Thank goodness for wellies, they tested them to the limit but they did stay dry. The kids had a drink from the crystal clear water,couldn’t resist taking this shot. They really enjoyed doing the walk and there are heaps of mapped walks around here so when the weathers fine we’ll find some more. Talking of weather Gwynfor and his Mum say that the snow clouds are forming, we are supposed to get  a 2 inch drop tonight, so I’ll send some more pics through then.

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